Vol 2, No 4 (2013)

Hidden Professions of Television

Co-edited by Andy O'Dwyer and Tim O'Sulivan

We know little about the ‘behind the scenes’ of television. While the booming field of production studies has been shining a light on the work processes and the personnel in production spaces, there is still a lot to be learnt about the ‘hidden’ professions of television. This issue of VIEW provides a rich but fairly eclectic series of contributions based on the theme. The articles presented here bring under scrutiny the ‘behind the scenes’ activities of television and their hidden, often unrecognised and uncelebrated personnel and processes. They engage across a wide range of organisational, administrative and technical activities that have played their understated, often ‘invisible’ part in the historical formation and development of television.

Just like in the previous issues, articles in this issue are divided across two separate sections: ‘Discoveries’ that zoom into the ‘behind the scenes’ of specific programmes and broadcasters and use innovative and original sources; and ‘Explorations’ that shine a light on different professions of television: from the continuity announcers, to the 1st AD, to the TV retailer or audience interpreters.

Table of Contents


Editorial HTML PDF
Andy O'Dwyer, Tim O'Sulivan 01-02


Revealing Television's Analogue Heroes HTML PDF
Vanessa Jackson 03-14
Behind the Scenes: Costume Design for Television HTML PDF
Gamze Toylan 15-26
Doing it Live! Planning and Preparing for a Live Drama Episode: A Case Study of 'The Bill' (ITV, 2005) HTML PDF
Joanna MacDonnell 27-44
Whatever Happened to Vera? HTML PDF
Jo Henderson 45-50


In-Vision Continuity Announcers: Performing an Identity for Early Television in Europe HTML PDF
Sonja de Leeuw, Dana Mustata 51-67
Rational Wizards: Audience Interpreters in French Television HTML PDF
Jérôme Bourdon, Cécile Méadel 68-78
An Unknown, but Key Player in the Television Market: The Television Retailer and the Case of Black and White TV Sets in France (1950-1987) HTML PDF
Isabelle Gaillard 79-88
Hid(ing) Media Professionals: Constructing and Contesting the 1st AD HTML PDF
Daniel Ashton, Nic Jeune 89-100
Invisible Mediations: The Role of Adaptation and Dubbing Professionals in Shaping US TV for Italian Audiences HTML PDF
Luca Barra 101-111
Writing Games: Continuity and Change in the Design and Development of Quiz Shows in Italy HTML PDF
Massimo Scaglioni, Axel Fiacco 112-123

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